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August 22, 2021


Pentagon of Prayer

Sam McVay Jr.

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Sam discusses the five branches of the Kansas Prayer Movement and how all are unified around the Supremacy of Jesus while diversified across multiple prayer missions.


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The Kansas Prayer Movement is unified around the Supremacy of Jesus while diversified in multiple prayer missions.

There are five branches of this one praying army. Within each branch are multiple prayer initiatives.

1. Secret Place Prayer:
KPM will inspire and equip disciples of Jesus to develop a strong private prayer life. Jesus told the disciples to go into a "secret place" to pray to their Father in Matthew

2. Congregational Prayer:
Jesus called his house a House of Prayer in Matthew 21:13. We intend to inspire and equip congregations of many kinds to develop a strong prayer culture.

3. Grassroots Prayer:
KPM will encourage and equip disciples to start and steward prayer meetings in their homes, workplaces, schools, etc.

4. Day & Night Prayer:
KPM will support and help start ministries called to have persevering prayer on a daily basis.

5. Strategic Mission Prayer:
KPM will empower and facilitate strategic special missions of prayer. City-wide prayer, unified praying of scripture, prayer walking, etc., are some of the strategies.


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