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June 20, 2021


The Movement that has Never Happened in Wichita

Sam McVay Jr.

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Wichita has never seen a house church movement. Sam talks about the unified home based discipleship movement prophesied to be coming to Wichita.


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The largest kingdom movements in the world are disciple making and house church movements.

Christianity was only a house church movement for the first couple centuries.

This is not to say that building-churches are not useful and helpful but rather to say that there is often a "cap" upon such ministries as well as a limit to the ministry of a disciple.

Wichita has never seen this kind of movement.

My friend and brother Pastor Philip Wood has carried this vision for over 30 years. It has inspired and frustrated him for over 3 decades.

I am aware of multiple prophetic words about our city that involved seeing many house-fires spread out in many neighborhoods.

I believe this movement is the will of the Lord and by the grace of God can happen "voluntarily" not just "involuntarily".

This kind of movement is:
1. viral
2. decentralized
3. pandemic and persecution proof
4. audience destroying
5. Holy Spirit empowered

Until you are called away-
"Where you are is where the mission is."

Where are you at?


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