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September 20, 2020


Beware of a C.O.R. Spirit

Sam McVay Jr.

Beware of a C.O.R. SpiritSam McVay Jr.
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The enemy of our souls wants us operating by a wrong spirit. Sam shares how to discern and avoid three of these spirits that will steal away a Holy Spirit led life.


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The enemy of our souls wants us operating by a wrong spirit.

Instead of operating by the Holy Spirit the flesh will often operate from other spirits.

There are many “different spirits” but I would like to highlight three this week:

- Critical spirit

- Offended spirit

- Religious spirit

A Critical spirit is a “fault-finding” spirit rooted in pride that disguises itself as “discernment”.

The Holy Spirit will bring conviction but a Critical spirit brings condemnation.

An Offended spirit is a “wounded” spirit that lives in confused hurt and pain.

The Holy Spirit is quick to forgive and trust, but an Offended spirit walks in suspicious distrust.

A Religious spirit is a “works based” spirit that lives in slavery to performance.

The Holy Spirit develops sonship in the finished work of grace found in Jesus, while a Religious spirit lives under the torment of never doing enough in the flesh.

This C.O.R. spirit will steal away a Spirit-led life.


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