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November 1, 2020


A Shift of Prayer

Sam McVay Jr.

A Shift of PrayerSam McVay Jr.
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Sam shares a prophetic shift in and of prayer to the King's Prayer. This call to prayer shall become a “Furnace of Intercessional Inspiration” for the nations.


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I believe that the Spirit is going to bring the Prayer of Prayers to the forefront in the body of Christ and the global prayer movement.

The King’s appointed prayer theme and Divine Order
1. Position (sonship): Our Father
2. Praise: Hallowed be your name
3. Power: Kingdom come, Will be done
4. Provision: Give us this day
5. Penitence: Forgive us as we forgive
6. Purity: Lead not into temptation
7. Protection: deliver us from the evil one
8. Proclamation: yours is Kingdom,
           Power, Glory forever

The Church globally is to pray this, but I believe Wichita (and Kansas) are to pray this Prayer in an exaggerated way that becomes a “Furnace of Intercessional Inspiration” for the nations.

Wichita/Kansas is to inspire the global prayer movement and the global Church by Praying and Singing the King’s Prayer through a:
1. Family - 100 churches praying the prayer weekly
     (100,000 intercessors all praying this in agreement in the state)
2. Furnace - 8 hour shifts around each theme
     (A location in Wichita that burns with Day and Night praying of this Prayer 1 hour per theme)


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